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NBK- on his future: Looking forward to getting back in the mix and being given a chance to play again

The 27-year-old France opens up about his future perspective and how he hopes to grind back up with a new team.

Nathan "NBK-" Schmitt has posted a statement on his Twitter about the benching at MOUZ and his future plans. He shares that he is more motivated than ever to grind back to his best level. The 27-year-old France is sad that he didn't get more playing time at MOUZ, but he still loves playing CS, and he wants to find a team where he can forge himself an identity again and be an impactful player.

I started the year on a very good upward trajectory and loved to play CS every day before and after practice and this is what I want to carry on in my future team.

NBK is also saying that MOUZ wants to help him find another team.

Mouz is aware of my decision and will do everything they can to allow me to transition to a different place and facilitate a transfer. We want the best for each other and just want to move on from this short work period

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