MOUZ enter Top 5 on the world ranking

dexter and the young guns take over the top five spot on the world ranking list.

MOUZ has returned to the top five of the HLTV world ranking list after their recent performances winning over teams such as Cloud9, ENCE, Vitality, and Liquid doing the IEM Rio Major. MOUZ made it all the way to the semi-finals only losing to Outsiders who ended up winning the tournament in Rio.

MOUZ takes over Liquid's number five spot as the North American team takes the jump down to eight place on the top ten list. Many would wonder why MOUZ takes over Liquid's spot as the young guns haven't qualified for the Worlds Final in Abu Dhabi and Liquid has. But their recent performance at IEM Rio showed that the MOUZ team belongs at the top of the world ranking list.

HLTV World Ranking | October 18th, 2022

1.     Heroic

2.     Outsiders

3.     FaZe

4.     NAVI

5.     MOUZ (+1)

6.     FURIA (-1)

7.     Cloud9 (+1)

8.     Liquid (-3)

9.     Vitality

10.  Fnatic

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