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MIBR Survive And Eliminate Eternal Fire

The journey ends here for the Turkish squad.

Yet another elimination game was on the schedule when MIBR and Eternal Fire took to the servers tonight. After both going 1-1 on day 1, the two teams lost to Spirit and Astralis and now had to fight for survival.

With the first pick of the Bo3, Etercan Fire went with Vertigo, but would soon regret that decision as MIBR's CT side defense was close to impenetrable. The Turkish troops had a rough start at 0-6, and the Brazilians looked like they might run away with it. But despite the bad start the Turks managed to pick up four rounds before the break.
Eternal Fire looked sharper on the CT side where they started with a 9-2 run that equalized the score at 13-13. In the end, the Brazilians were just a tad too sharp and MIBR stole away the Turks' map pick.

The second map of Nuke's early game was defined by "Tuurtle" and "xfl0ud", who from different sides both played amazingly. The two young riflers were miles ahead of anyone on the scoreboard, but with a little more help from his team, "xfl0ud" and Eternal Fire walked away with a 9-6 CT side half.
Switching to the CT side, MIBR turned the game on its head with an eight-round streak. Eternal Fire managed to stem the bleeding for just a second with a couple of rounds of their own but were not able to do more than that as the Brazilians reached 16.

MIBR are now 2-2 and will be playing a do-or-die match tomorrow. Eternal Fire on the other hand is eliminated from the Major at 1-3.

MIBR - Eternal Fire 2-0 | PGL Major Antwerp Challengers Stage

16-13 (Vertigo) | JOTA - 1.52 Rating / 24-14 K-D / 101.1 ADR

16-11 (Nuke) | Tuurtle - 1.69 Rating / 29-15 K-D / 119.5 ADR

MVP: Jhonatan "JOTA" Willian - 1.43 Rating / 48-30 K-D / 95.1 ADR

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