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k0nfig heading out of Astralis? Was reportedly involved in a fist fight in Malta

It seems like there was more to the story with shocking news hitting the CS:GO scene this Tuesday morning.

Kristian “k0nfig” Wienecke, or more like the absence of him, has been the talk of the town the last seven days with the Astralis rifler being ruled out from the RMR due to an ankle injury. However today the story has taken a completely new turn.

According to Jaxon, Astralis is set to cut k0nfig from their CS:GO roster due to 25-year-old Dane having been involved in a fist fight two weeks ago at ESL Pro League Season 16 in Malta, which multiple sources have confirmed to the media outlet.

"I feel guilty"

A couple of days after Astralis' announced the injury of k0nfig, he himself posted a Tweet saying he was "sorry and feeling guilty".

- I will use this unlucky period to restitute, find myself and come back with a stronger mindset and willpower. I hate how this affects my teammates and everybody at Astralis. I feel guilty and I am sorry, but I know you will cope. And win! Good luck. My heart is with you, k0nfig wrote.

Astralis did not wish to comment on the situation when asked by Pley.

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