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Juggernaut tops the chart as best ranked player at BLAST

Two Danes, two mousesports players, and a Brazilian lead the rankings.

Despite their defeat last night in the exciting matchup against Cloud9, Kristian "k0nfig" Wienecke still has had a spectacular tournament.

The 23-year old Dane has continued his rise of form with fine performances at BLAST Premier Fall Showdown. k0nfig is currently in a 11 map-streak where he has produced ratings above 1.0.

Tonight the rankings could change, with three of the top 5 players so far in action.

The Top 5 list of best ranked players at BLAST Premier Fall Showdown:

1. "k0nfig" 1.35 Complexity
2. "yuurih" 1.35 Furia
3. "ropz" 1.34 mousesports
4. "acoR 1.30 MAD Lions
5. frozen 1.29 mousesports

Watch k0nfig in action with an ace against Cloud9:

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