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MAD Lions puts sausol and Woro2k on the bench

The highest-rated player has been benched on MAD Lions.

A rather surprising announcement came out of the MAD Lions headquarters last night.

The benching of especially Volodymyr "⁠Woro2k⁠" Veletniuk was not expected after some good performances from the Ukrainian, who has put up a 1.15 rating in the last six months. The year ended with four early exits from tournaments which could have been the reason for the changes. There is no news about who will replace Pere "sausol" Solsona Saumell and Volodymyr "⁠Woro2k⁠" Veletniuk on the team.

The three remaining players on the active roster are:

Thomas "TMB" Bundsbæk 
Johannes "b0RUP" Borup
Justinas "jL" Lekavicius

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