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Highlights: Pros don't fake

"zorte" confirms the infamous statement "pros don't fake"

Clutch situations can be very demanding and often leaves no room for error. When retaking a site as a CT you don't only have the opposing T-sided players to worry about but also a ticking bomb. Often the bomb, however, can be used as a way of drawing out the T-sided players, when the sound cue of defusing is given. Ultimately it is a matter of mind games as both the T- and CT-sided players try and outplay their opponent. Is he sticking the defuse or just trying to lure me out? These are the questions you have to ask yourself as a T-sided player in clutch situations - and nothing feels more demoralizing than having your opponent stick a full defuse.

This has led to the infamous quote "pros don't fake" and whilst it is of course untrue, there have been many times where the T-sided player was left completely tricked by the CT. "zorte" from forZe pulled this exact move of when facing BIG in the Semi-Finals of DreamHack November 2021 just now:

The Bo3-series between BIG and forZe is still underway and is getting more and more intense. You can watch the brawl LIVE right now down below:

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