Credit: PGL

Highlight: Incredible clutch and 4K from nicoodoz

The Dane singlehandedly won a round for his team

As well as the ongoing Roobet Cup 2022 event, there is another great event that is slowly but surely reaching its conclusion. Battling for a spot in the Grand Final of REPUBLEAGUE Season 3 was fnatic and Bad News Eagles. fnatic have been struggling for quite some time, however, with the roster overhaul they have just had at fnatic, something exciting might come from the Swedish CS:GO organization in the near future. For now, fnatic fans across the globe can enjoy the fact that their team has made to the Grand Finals of REPUBLEAGUE Season 3.

One of fnatic's five players "nicoodoz" definitely gave us something to be exciting about when battling in the Semi-finals against Bad News Bears. In a dire round on Ancient with money being something fnatic could only wish for and lesser weaponry in the hands of their players, "nicoodoz" managed to turn a round that seemed almost impossible to a victory for fnatic. Hiding in the back of the bombsite, "nicoodoz" awaited the perfect time to pounce. With nothing but a Desert Eagle, the Dane managed to take down three opponents, before picking up an AK-47 and collecting the final kill of the round - take a look:

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