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Heroic eliminated in Cologne, MOUZ survive

Heroic disappoint in the first tournament with 'jabbi'!

Heroic had hoped to go far at IEM Cologne, but the Danes are done without a single victory under their belts.

The first map of Vertigo was a story of CT-side dominance. Heroic played a terrific first half where they, by way of strong performances from 'TeSeS' and 'jabbi', grabbed an overwhelming 12-3 lead. That performance from the Danes was amazing, but MOUZ decided to up the ante. 'JDC' led the German org. to an almost flawless 13-1 half, and snatched the victory out of the hands of Heroic.

Riding on a wave of success, MOUZ played a great first half, securing ten rounds for themselves. Furthermore, they won the second-half pistol and the conversions, and all of a sudden had a 13-5 advantage. Heroic did their best to come back in the game, but at 15-10, 'torzsi' pulled out a magnificent 1v3 clutch to seal Heroic's fate.

Highlight of the Bo3-series:

Heroic - MOUZ 0-2 | IEM Cologne

13-16 (Vertigo) | JDC - 1.60 Rating / 31-16 K-D / 103.3 ADR

10-16 (Nuke) | torzsi - 1.56 Rating / 26-14 K-D / 100.8 ADR

MVP: Jon 'JDC' de Castro - 1.33 Rating / 47-33 K-D / 87.5 ADR

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