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Heroic defeat Danish rivals to claim semi-final spot

cadiaN’s troops are through to the semi-final in DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 after taking down Astralis in the upper bracket final.

Heroic concluded the group stage of DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 undefeated following a confident 2-0 victory over their Danish rivals from Astralis to book a spot in the semi-finals. An impressive performance from TeSeS on Astralis’ map pick of Inferno, helped his team to take home the victory early.

Nuke: 16-6 | TeSeS – 1.76 Rating – 118.3 ADR – 25-13 K/D

Inferno: 16-6 | TeSeS – 2.21 Rating – 134.0 ADR – 30-11 K/D

The action started on Heroic’s map pick of Nuke, where cadiaN’s troops convincingly closed out the map 16-6 to take a 1-0 series lead. Even though Astralis were off to the best start, Heroic slowly started to find openings in their defense which resulted in a dominant 9-6 half from TeSeS and company. gla1ve’s troops didn’t manage to pick themselves up in the second half as Heroic went on to grab 7 rounds in a row to draw the first blood to the series.

Heroic wrapped up the series 2-0 on Astralis map pick of Inferno, where TeSeS was completely on fire. 8 rounds in, the 20-year-old Dane had 12 kills combined to Astralis’ 11 in total. He finished off the map on top of the scoreboard with a stellar 2.21 Rating and 134.0 ADR to send his team to the semi-final stage in the prominent event.

MVP: René “TeSeS” Madsen – 1.98 Rating – 126.2 ADR – 55-24 K/D

Highlight of the series:


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