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FURIA secure first win in ESL Pro League

The FURIA squad shows positive signs as they take down their fellow countrymen from TeamOne.

FURIA have put their first victory on the board in ESL Pro League Season 14, defeating their fellow countrymen from TeamOne 2-0 in the second round of play in the round robin. KSCERATO and company impressed throughout the series and left no doubt that they are dangerous even with their coach in the line-up.

The action started on TeamOne’s map pick of Mirage, where FURIA came out on top after being behind 11-14. FURIA’s KSCERATO stole the show and helped his team close out the deal, posting a 1.59 rating and 112.2 ADR. The 21-year-old Brazilian also topped the scoreboard with 33 frags.

FURIA came into the second map gun blazing, storming to a 4-0 lead on the T-side before TeamOne found their footing and strung together 5 rounds in a row. TeamOne maintained firm control until the halftime whistle, ending it 9-6 in their favor. The second half saw the two Brazilian squads trading rounds back and forth. In the end, FURIA managed to equalize the score from the first half, and came dangerously close to securing the match with defuse coming in 0.001 seconds too late! Overtime it was.

Here FURIA had the chance to win the match once again, but TeamOne continued to prove difficult to handle. In the second overtime, the underdogs could not withstand the pressure from Andrei 'arT' Piovezan and the rest of the FURIA gang, who won a hard fought victory against their countrymen.

With the victory FURIA secured their first victory in Group D. TeamOne will have to dig deep in the next few matches to keep their hopes of advancing alive.

FURIA – TeamOne (2-0) | ESL Pro League Season 14

16-14 (Mirage) |  KSCERATO – 1.59 Rating / 33-20 K-D / 112.2 ADR

22-19 (Inferno) |  KSCERATO – 1.32 Rating / 33-25 K-D / 90.6 ADR

MVP:  Kaike 'KSCERATO' Cerato | 1.43 Rating / 66-45 K-D / 99.7 ADR

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