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arT lashes out on analyst and streamer

The FURIA IGL stands up for himself regarding criticism.

Andrei "arT" Piovezan lashed out at YNk, calling him "incompetent" and "ignorant" for not understanding his style of play. He claimed that YNk had never played the game at the level that he had and had no right to comment on his gameplay. ArT also took issue with the fact that YNk had only commented on one round, rather than looking at the game as a whole. The known streamer and analyst Jacob "Pimp" Winneche agreed with Janko Paunovic saying "The major delayed the inevitable"

ArT's response to the criticism is understandable, given the pressure that professional players face and the importance of their performance to their careers. However, his response was not constructive and could have been handled better. It is essential for players to be able to take criticism and feedback from analysts and coaches in order to improve their gameplay and lead their teams to success. However, could the two analysts have a point saying that arT is holding back his team members in order to fulfill his own playstyle?

Listen to arT´s response to YNk.

- Janko is a dumb guy, if he wants to argue about FURIA´s playstyle, he needs to pick rounds and argue about them, because when he picks rounds with only 15 seconds left to criticize FURIA´s playstyle, you see that it doesn´t make any sense, arT said on his stream.

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