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forZe claims last playoff spot at ESL Pro League

The stand-in team completed their impressive run with a 2-0 win against G2.

G2's meltdown at ESL Pro League continued Wednesday night with a clear 2-0 defeat to forZe. This marks the fourth straight defeat for the roster, who were already knocked out of the tournament before the match started.

The question beforehand was, if G2 had it in them to make it an exciting match or not?

The first map gave two very different answers. Star player Nikola 'NiKo' Kovač did his best in the first half to make a convincing effort, but after the break, G2 fell apart and lost the map after a 10-5 lead.

On Nuke the hope of any G2 comeback died along with NiKo, who struggled to replicate his decent performance on Mirage. There was a sense of hopelessness from the G2 roster, who looked like a team that very quickly would like to be relieved of their duty of playing any more in ESL Pro League.

forZe won the map 16-7, and secured themselves a well-deserved spot in the playoffs after a solid performance in the group stage. G2 is out, and it will be interesting to see, if this sort of performance will have any repercussions for the team selection going forward.

Both teams will play their last match tomorrow. forZe will have an eye on the Complexity vs OG match, where they will root for OG to make a clean sweep in the group. This will open up for forZe to end on second place and earn a better seeding, if they at the same time can manage to beat SinnerS.

forZe - G2 (2-0) | ESL Pro League Season 14

16-14 (Mirage) |  FL1T – 1.50 Rating / 30-19 K-D / 101.6 ADR

16-7 (Nuke) |  FL1T - 1.61 Rating / 22-8 K-D / 90.1 ADR

MVP:  Evgeny 'FL1T' Lebedev - 1.51 rating / 52-27 K-D / 96.6 ADR

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