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Credit: Helena Kristiansson - ESL

Fiend claim Elisa Invitational Fall 2021 trophy

Fiend obliterate Copenhagen Flames in rematch from IEM Fall

The first map of the grand final would take us to Inferno. When they last faced each other the map carried on for 53 rounds before Copenhagen Flames could claim the victory. This time it was quite a different story. Fiend dominated from the first whistle blew. Copenhagen Flames did not get any breathing room as they were continually being pushed, out-dueled, and rained upon with grenades. Fiend showed the whole world how you can abuse that grenades are now droppable, with a strong early CT economy on Inferno. The score was 14-1 after the first half. The Danes only managed to secure one round on their CT-side, before they were beaten down, and the match concluded at 16-2.

The flames now had to reset mentally before going into the second map Nuke, which can be hard after being battered 16-2, especially for a roster with lesser experience.
And the Danes did look a little bit tired as they started on Nuke - a map which has not been historically great for Fiend. The Bulgarian squad looked composed and took seven of the first nine rounds led by IGL "bubble" who dropped 18 frags in the first half. Unexpectedly they took their foot off the pedal a little bit, which allowed the Flames to take six rounds on their T-side.
It looked as if the Flames was about to even the scoreline as they took the pistol round of the second half, but it was a short-lived success, as they were immediately shut down by the force of Fiend. On the back of that force-buy win, Fiend steamrolled the CT-side of Copenhagen Flames to take the map at 16-8.

The Bulgarians of Fiend are therefore champions of Elisa Invitational Fall 2021, winning $50000. The disappointed Danes on the other hand must settle for runner-up and a prize of $14000.

Fiend – Copenhagen Flames (2-0) | Elisa Invitational Fall 2021

16-2 (Inferno) | h4rn – 2.05 Rating / 21-5 K-D / 121.4 ADR

16-8 (Nuke) | dream3r – 1.41 Rating / 21-10 K-D / 87.6 ADR

MVP: h4rn – 1.61 Rating / 39-17 K-D / 96.8 ADR

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