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FaZe take down NIP to secure semis!

We have found our first semi-finalists in Antwerp!

The first quarter-final saw NIP take on FaZe. The two battled it out through three very different maps.

The Bo3 kicked off on FaZe's pick of Nuke, a brave choice considering that NIP had very recently reamed FURIA with a fantastic CT side.
The first half started out great for the Ninjas who went up 5-0. From this point, FaZe started finding success, and the half ended decently close at 9-6, despite NIP looking in control most of the time, especially with a solid performance from "Plopski" on the A-site.
As FaZe turned to the CT side, they dominated from start to finish only allowing the Ninjas to get one round and no other bomb plants. Much of the credit through this map had to go to the two veterans of the team "rain", and "karrigan", who were responsible for a large percentage of overall and opening kills.

After the disappointing T side on Nuke, the Ninjas performed far better on their own pick of Overpass. Leading the attacks for the Swedes were "Brollan" and "hampus" who regularly found holes in the defense and exploited them to perfection. NIP had seven rounds at halftime.
The second half was almost as close as the first but after 29 rounds of play, the duo of "Brollan" and "hampus" had led their team to victory.

On the defense in the third and final map of Inferno, it was once again "Brollan" and "hampus" that was doing the heavy lifting for the Ninjas who took a solid 8-3 lead. Unfortunately for the Swedes, FaZe had a late half resurgence which meant they only had a single-round lead at halftime.
As FaZe turned to the CT side they made an almost identical repeat of Nuke. They once again completely shut out the Ninjas, the difference however was that this time it was the young star-trio of "ropz", "Twistzz", and "broky" that broke the dreams of the Swedes. FaZe grabbed every single second-half round and are bound for the semi-finals!

Highlight of the Bo3-series:

NIP - FaZe 1-2 | PGL Major Antwerp Legends Stage

10-16 (Nuke) | rain - 1.52 Rating / 24-17 K-D / 105.0 ADR

16-13 (Overpass) | hampus - 1.46 Rating / 30-17 K-D / 94.7 ADR

8-16 (Inferno) | ropz - 1.61 Rating / 27-13 K-D / 100.2 ADR

MVP: Robin "ropz" Kool - 1.17 Rating / 61-48 K-D / 77.7 ADR

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