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ex-MAD Lions are the champions of REPUBLEAGUE Season 3

ex-MAD Lions grab the $75.000 first place after taking down fnatic!

The first place and $75.000 were up for grabs when fnatic and the ex-MAD Lions battled it out in the Grand Final of REPUBLEAGUE Season 3. It took them three maps, but the ex-MAD Lions ran away with the title.

The action started out on ex-MAD Lions pick of Mirage, and after the first fifteen rounds, the win was almost guaranteed for fnatic. The storied franchise was in the lead at 13-2 going into the second half and only had to win three more rounds, not a big deal considering how hot 'roeJ' was.
It turned out that that would be easier said than done, as 'Woro2k' successfully led the Lions in an almost-impossible comeback and they took the game all the way into overtime. There the Lions finished what they had started, and left fnatic behind after a massive choke.

On the second map of Nuke, it was made quite clear why fnatic had picked that map. The 'mezii'-led squad safely secured the map at 16-10, while losing both pistol rounds and conversions, in what was a strong and coordinated team effort where no individuals were lacking behind.

The third and final map of the Grand Final was the new-look Ancient, which is supposed to be less CT-sided than it used to be. The ex-MAD Lions took advantage of this as they grabbed a satisfying 9-6 half on the offense. fnatic, however, did not manage to crack the code of the T side as the Lions, with minimal losses, took them out pretty swiftly.

With the win the ex-MAD Lions take the title at REPUBLEAGUE Season 3 and can now call themselves the champions.

fnatic - ex-MAD Lions 1-2 | Roobet Cup 2022

16-19 (Mirage) | Woro2k - 1.52 Rating / 37-20 K-D / 93.8 ADR

16-10 (Nuke) | mezii - 1.35 Rating / 23-17 K-D / 91.9 ADR

8-16 (Ancient) | Woro2k - 1.75 Rating / 29-15 K-D / 116.5 ADR

MVP: Volodymyr 'Woro2k' Veletniuk - 1.51 Rating / 87-51 K-D / 101.8 ADR

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