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Entropiq secure tight victory over MOUZ

A great all-round performance from "Forester" led the way for Entropiq.

The second match of the day had the CIS team of Entropiq taking on the international lineup of MOUZ. Less than a month ago when the two contenders last faced each other it was MOUZ that came out on top with a 2-0 win.

Entropiq kicked off the Bo3 with a pistol-round win on the T-side of their map pick, Dust2. The fortune didn’t last long for the CIS squad as they ran into a small stack in the following round. After going down a couple of rounds, Entropiq, led by a crisp-looking “Forester”, came right back into it and snagged their second lead of the map. On the other side, “Bymas” was being a major nuisance for the CIS squad as his efforts brought with them a pretty even 9-6 half in favor of Entropiq.
MOUZ got off to a great start in the second half, getting themselves to double digits as the first team. “NickelBack” and co. got themselves back into the lead towards the end of the map, but couldn’t seem to shake off their pesky opponents, maybe due to a very lackluster performance from their AWP’er “El1an”. After fighting hard for 29 rounds, Entropiq were finally able to end the map at 16-13.

The next stage of the series took place on the battleground of Mirage and had the leading team of Entropiq starting on the CT-side where they picked up the first round of the map. They weren’t able to turn this into a big lead, as the two contenders were neck and neck throughout the entirety of the first half. The teams went to a break with MOUZ being slightly behind at 6-9.
MOUZ almost equalized after the break, but it was evident that they had a hard time stopping the CIS squad as soon as they got their hands on the rifles. This led to a rather comfortable 16-10 win for Entropiq.

Highlight of the match:

Entropiq – MOUZ 2-0 | ESL Pro League Season 15 (Group A)

16-13 (Dust2) | Forester – 1.80 Rating / 34-18 K-D / 119.3 ADR

16-10 (Mirage) | Forester – 1.38 Rating / 22-12 K-D / 82.2 ADR

MVP: Igor "Forester" Bezotecheskiy | 1.59 Rating / 56-30 K-D / 101.7 ADR

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