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Transfer-listed Russians triumph at CCT Europe

Entropiq defeated 1WIN to take a victory in CCT North Europe Series 1.

A Russian darby that ended in a three-map win on Inferno. Entropiq played great CS as they beat the likes of BLUEJAYS, Copenhagen Flames, and IKLA before they went to play in the final against 1WIN. The last mentioned also lost doing the CCT Central Europe Series 1 against MIBR.

The Final started with a competitive first map as Ancient is known for its CT sides and the comebacks. Despite Entropiq going 12-3 in the first half on the CT side, the Russian winners lost the game 14-16 as 1WIN made the comeback on the most CT-sided map in CSGO. The 21-year-old Denis 'deko' Zhukov step up his game on the CT side pulling off a 27-14 K-D and 1.41 Rating.

Dust2 starts similar to Ancient as Entropiq went 12-3 on the T side. 1WIN fights the way back to a close 16-12 despite being left with only 3 rounds on the CT side. Entropiq maintained their T-side form from dust2, as they destroyed 1WIN 16-5 on inferno, pressing the speeder from the very start for the final game.

1WIN - Entropiq 1-2 | CCT North Europe Series 1

16-14 (Ancient) | deko – 1.41 Rating / 27-14 K-D / 79.0 ADR

12-16 (Dust2) | Krad – 1.58 Rating / 25–17 K-D / 81.1 ADR

12-16 (Dust2) | mir – 2.03 Rating / 27–11 K-D / 124.1 ADR

MVP: Nikolay 'mir' Bityukov - 1.23 Rating

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