Credit: ESL Stephanie Lindgren

Video: Outstanding 1v4 clutch by ALEX

The British captain leads his troops by example, showcasing his strong clutching abilities against Entropiq.

Fnatic's in-game leader and captain, Alex "ALEX" McMeekin, has been on a tough task the past month with the Swedish-based making fluent roster moves and fielding several stand-ins. Something that means ALEX has to step up big time and lead his troops by example - which was exactly what he did in yesterday's ESL Pro League matchup against Entropiq.

Watch his outstanding 1v4 clutch on Vertigo right here.

Fnatic ended up falling short against the strong Russians from Entropiq in a clear 2-0 defeat. However, they are still qualified for the playoff stage at EPL after getting three wins in Group A.

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