Credit: Dignitas

Dignitas qualified for BLAST Spring Showdown

friberg and company managed to qualify for BLAST Spring Showdown by beating HAVU 2-0 in the Grand final of Nordic Masters Spring 2021.

The Swedes from Dignitas are now ready to compete in the Showdown event that begins in just 16 days following a confident victory over HAVU in the Grand final of Nordic Masters Spring. The Showdown event will run from April 13 – April 18 with $162.500 up for grabs and tickets to the BLAST Premier Spring Final for the two teams that make it to the grand final.

Dust2: 16-11 | f0rest – 1.38 Rating – 101.7 ADR – 27-19 K/D
Inferno: 16-8 | hallzerk – 1.51 Rating – 93.2 ADR – 20-15 K/D

MVP: Ludvig “HEAP” Alonso – 1.42 Rating – 92.6 ADR – 42-31 K/D

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