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Credit: Copenhagen Flames

Copenhagen Flames advance to playoffs!

The Danish-side are through to the playoffs following a 2-1 victory over Endpoint.

It was the Danish-side from Copenhagen Flames who came out on top in the second elimination match of the day at Snow Sweet Snow 2 to secure a spot in the playoffs, which means Endpoint are out of the tournament.

Overpass: 16-6
Inferno: 11-16
Mirage: 16-13

In the first map of the series on Overpass, CPH Flames stormed through the Endpoint defense to take a lead by 11-3 before halftime. Even though Endpoint took the pistol round, AcilioN and company managed to win the 3 rounds afterward and quickly close out the map 16-6.

Endpoint bounced back on Inferno where a strong performance from Flames’ Nodios with 25 frags wasn’t enough to push his team over the finish line and wrap up the series.

CPH Flames denied Endpoint to make a comeback in the closing rounds as nicoodoz clutched up the round on match point in a crucial moment to wrap up the series 2-1.

MVP: Nico “nicoodoz” Tamjidi – 1.17 Rating | 67.4 ADR | 51-39 K/D

Highlight of the series:

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