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BIG moves on to the Grand finale

BIG wins the semi-final against Entropiq, after a great game by the German roster.

The first map of the semi-final of the Spring Sweet Spring 2 was played on Mirage, where BIG dominated the second half as the CT side, after a close first half in Entropiq´s map pick.

The first half was where BIG was the T side, they came in front 8-3, but didn’t manage to win another round as the T side, and gave Entropiq a chance back in the map with the 8-7 after the first half.

But in the second half BIG shifted gears, as they defended the bombsites almost perfectly, and they didn’t grant Entropiq any chance as the CT side. They ended up winning the second half 8-3, which was enough for them to secure the map win 16-10.

The domination by BIG was with a k1to who looked to be invisible at Mirage with a rating of 1.56.

The second map to be played was BIG´s map pick where they chose Vertigo.

The German side got a fantastic start on the first half on their map pick, where they started as the T side, they won five of the first six rounds, but somehow something changed for Entropiq.

Entropiq began to change their plays and win their 1v1 duels, and they won the following eight out of the nine rounds and winning the first half 9-6.

In the second half BIG was dominating, they got a great start making the game competitive at 9-9 and 11-11, but then something changed for BIG they began to defend perfectly and won the last five rounds winning the map 16-11.

BIG will met OG in the Grand finale at 18:00.

Entropiq – BIG 0-2 | Spring Sweet Spring 2

Mirage: 10-16 | k1to – 1.56 Rating – 94.2 ADR – 27-15 K/D

Vertigo: 11-16 | tabseN – 1.64 Rating – 110,2 ADR – 24-13 K/D

MVP: Johannes ”tabseN” Wodarz – 1.44 Rating – 103.2 ADR – 49-32 K/D

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