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Astralis wins thrilling match against BIG

The Danes defeat BIG 2-1 and earn their ticket to the Group Stage.

Astralis have qualified for the main stage of IEM Katowice 2022 after defeating BIG 2-1.

The action started with Astralis map pick of Ancient and got off to a good start by winning the pistol round and stringing together a 4-0 lead. BIG came alive and responded with a streak of five, taking the lead. It was k0nfig with a good performance, ending the half with a 20-9 K-D to get the Danes a 10-5 advantage. In the second half, Astralis only concede four rounds before securing their map pick 16-9.

It was a different story on BIG’s map pick of Dust2, where the Germans played a perfect first half, earning a 7-0 lead as k1to was making up for his poor performance on Ancient. BIG did not slow down and extended their lead to close the half 11-4. Only allowing one round on their CT side, BIG cruised to a 16-5 victory.

The decider was to be played on Overpass. After a close start, Astralis began to gain control and closed out the half 10-5. After halftime, BIG threatened a comeback with a seven-round winning streak but was stopped by the Danish defense just before heading to overtime, and gla1ve and company closed out the map 16-13 and the map 2-1


MVP: Kristian "k0nfig" Wienecke – 1.21 Rating

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