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Astralis win quarter-final against MOUZ in the Lanxess Arena

Astralis are ready to face NAVI in the semi-final.

A spot in the semi-final at IEM Cologne was on the line when MOUZ took on Astralis. The teams won on their own map picks and had to decide it all on Ancient.

MOUZ started the series well with a more than comfortable win on their pick of Mirage. The 'dexter'-led squad won at 16-8 after trailing in the fragging department for the majority of the map.

Astralis quickly recovered from the loss and played a great offensive half on their pick of Mirage. The Danes picked up nine rounds before the break, despite 'torzsi' showing up greatly with the AWP. With the three-round halftime lead, 'gla1ve' and co. did not waste any time closing out the map on the favored CT side as they emerged victorious at 16-9.

'blameF', who was a Top2 performer on the first two maps, started great on the third map of Ancient as he grabbed 9 kills before going down. Surprisingly, MOUZ was completely unfazed by this, and they magnificently delivered a 9-6 offensive half.
With the lead at halftime, MOUZ were primed to take the spot in the semis, but in a surprising turn of events, Astralis delivered an even stronger offensive half than MOUZ. 'gla1ve' led the team, both in fragging and calling, to a 10-3 T side which saw the Danes advance to the semi-finals.

Highlight of the Bo3-series:

MOUZ - Astralis 1-2 | IEM Cologne

16-8 (Mirage) | JDC - 1.49 Rating / 22-14 K-D / 89.1 ADR

9-16 (Nuke) | Farlig - 1.44 Rating / 24-12 K-D / 84.0 ADR

12-16 (Ancient) | gla1ve - 1.58 Rating / 29-18 K-D / 102.6 ADR

MVP: Benjamin 'blameF' Bremer - 1.37 Rating / 63-38 K-D / 91.0 ADR

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