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Astralis Sports Director, Kasper Hvidt: It was a mistake by gla1ve to take the AWP from Farlig

It looks like the Danish captain doesn’t trust his young AWPer when things are getting dangerous.

When Astralis decided to acquire Asger “Farlig” Jensen in February this year it was because they were in need of a potent primary AWPer after a mediocre period with Phiilip “Lucky” Ewald. However, it seems like Farlig hasn’t fully convinced his new captain yet.

Because at the newly-concluded Major when things were heating up and Astralis were fighting for elimination against Liquid, Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander took the big green away from Farlig and decided to AWP himself. You can watch the close ending of the match, where gla1ve decides to grab the AWP down below.

In an interview with, Astralis’ Sports Director, Kasper Hvidt has touched on the matter where he was asked whether it was a mistake from gla1ve to demote Farlig.

- Yes, that I'm sure of. Also, if you ask gla1ve. But there are not that many seconds to think, and it is quite clear that if we had played Liquid in other circumstances, we would also have beaten them relatively comfortably. It was the pressure that made the outcome. (…) You can probably also relate to a situation where someone is feeling that now it’s me who has to settle this, and then you do it. If you have asked him again if he should have done it, he would never have done it, Hvidt said to

You can read the full interview with Kasper Hvidt down below (in Danish):

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