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Astralis eliminate Spirit from EPL S17

A close encounter saw Spirit fly home empty-handed.

Astralis takes down Spirit to secure themselves a chance to fight Team Liquid for a playoff spot at EPL S17. Starting the series off on Nuke, Spirit won the first pistol round of the game despite Buzz killing four Spirit players. The following rounds went back and forth as both teams couldn't convert a round win into the following round. What looked like a great T side from Astralis ended in an okay CT side from spirit who managed to get nine rounds on the CT side. Switching sides Astralis managed to gain a 12-10 lead but, with Spirit playing well on the T side, the Russian roster closed out the game after winning six rounds in a row. Spirit won nuke 16-12.

Moving on to Nuke. Once again Astralis came out controlling the game. Winning the first pistol round once again was Astralis as they gained themselves a 2-0 lead. Spirit bounced back and won the following. However, what looked like a Spirit snowball that was about to roll over Astralis, ended with Astralis securing the first half 8-7 on the CT side. A close second half with rounds going back and forth saw Astralis come out on top. The Danes won Mirage 16-14

To decide the intense and thrilling series, Ancient was the last map to be played. Similar to the first two games of the series, Astralis came out on top in the early stages of the game. A 5-1 lead in favor of Astralis was quickly turned into a good CT side as Spirit only managed to get six rounds in the first half. Despite Spirit trying their best to get a second chance at the event, Device was the man to stop the Russians from achieving that. With 27 kills to his name, Device took his team to victory on Ancient. Astralis won Ancient 16-12 and the series 2-1.

Spirit - Astralis 1-2 | ESL Pro League Season 17

MVP: Device - 1.32 rating / 68-47 K-D / 80.0 ADR

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