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Astralis eliminate OG from BLAST Premier Spring Groups

A strong team performance from the Danish squad secured the series on their map pick of Inferno.

The Danish-side from Astralis have secured a spot in the consolidation final at BLAST Premier Spring Groups after surviving in the lower bracket and eliminating OG from the tournament. Magisk and company are set to face off against BIG for a spot in the Group Final against NiP.

Dust2: 19-16 – Nicolai “device” Reedtz | 1.26 rating | 79.4 ADR | 23-21 K/D
Inferno: 16-6 – Emil “Magisk” Reif | 1.50 rating | 80.6 ADR | 15-10 K/D

Astralis were off to the best start on Dust2 where the Danes displayed a strong CT-side defense, with Magisk and dupreeh handling the pushes from OG with ease. The first half finished in favor of the Danes 10-5, but OG found their footing as they switched sides, winning 9 consecutive rounds in a row to take a lead by 10-14. It seemed like the map would fall in the hands of OG, but Astralis picked themselves up in the end as they won 5 rounds afterwards to secure at least overtime. Even though OG, made it to 15-15, the European-mixture didn’t show their best side in OT as they only won one round, resulting in Astralis closing out the opener 19-16.

On Inferno which ended up being the last map of the series, Astralis stormed through on their T-side, showing why they are the best team in the world. The Danish-side took complete control of the map and made it very difficult for OG who only managed to grab 4 rounds in the first half.

In the second half on Inferno, it was still Astralis who in convincing fashion kept being dominant and in control of the pace. OG fought to get 2 rounds added on the scoreboard before Astralis closed out the map 16-6 and the series 2-0 with a stellar performance from all individuals on the Danish-side.  


Emil “Magisk” Reif | 1.32 rating | 84.4 ADR | 80.7% KAST | 43-32 K/D

Highlight of the series:

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