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Astralis coach on Buzz: He’s a dream signing and will make a real difference

Peter "casle" Ardenskjold has given his say on his new promising weapon.

The Danes from Astralis have just revealed the transfer of Christian “Buzz” Andersen as the final piece in the puzzle of their main roster going into 2023.

Whether the 19-year-old rifler was their first pick is tough to say - however, several reports have mentioned that Astralis has tried to sign both Rasmus “sjuush” Beck and Victor "Staehr" Staehr prior to Buzz.

For the newly-appointed Astralis coach, Peter "casle" Ardenskjold, the pickup of Buzz is a “dream signing”.

- They [dev1ce and Buzz] are both dream signings for me. We now have the roster in place, and I am really looking forward to working with the team in the new set-up, casle has said in a statement.

casle also explains in the press statement that they have found “some shortcomings” in the current team, which has led to the Danish organization acquiring the former Masonic player.

- In the work to revitalize the team, it has been obvious that while we have some extremely skilled and experienced players, who, on their best days, reach an extraordinarily high level, we have also seen that we still have some shortcomings.

- In relation to the specific role on the team, we have some very specific requirements and have kept an eye on "Buzz" for a long time. He has some extraordinary qualities, and the deeper we got into the work with the new set-up, the clearer it became to me that "Buzz" not only has a lot of the energy and attitude we are looking for he also has the qualities to give the team a real boost. I believe Buzz will make a real difference.

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