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9z collect the last Americas Major ticket

paiN fell short at the finish line as we witness the conclusion of the Americas RMR event.

9z is ready for next month’s PGL Major in Antwerp after a phenomenal comeback at the Americas RMR tournament. The South American side began the event by going 0-2, having fought with their backs to the wall ever since.

Despite the heavy pressure and going head-to-head against strong teams like 00Nation and Evil Geniuses, 9z has still managed to book themselves a spot at the massive Valve-sponsored event taking place in Belgium.

The impressive achievement was secured by Maximiliano “max” Gonzalez and his men through an exceptional 2-0 win against paiN in the 6th place decider match this Friday evening. A matchup, 9z controlled throughout the majority of the series, using their momentum from their victory over EG earlier today.

Watch the thrilling ending to the match and the celebration from 9z in the video below.

9z – paiN 2-0 | PGL Major Antwerp Americas RMR

16-11 (Mirage) | Luken – 1.34 Rating / 22-12 K-D / 86.8 ADR

19-17 (Dust2) | max – 1.44 Rating / 34-24 K-D / 102.2 ADR

MVP: Maximiliano “max” Gonzalez | 1.24 Rating / 49-41 K-D / 89.0 ADR

Americas RMR | Major Qualifiers

1st | FURIA (Legends Stage)

2nd | MIBR (Challengers Stage)

3rd | Imperial (Challengers Stage)

4th | Complexity (Challengers Stage)

5th | Liquid (Challengers Stage)

6th |  9z (Challengers Stage)

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