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dupreeh on new reality: It’s a huge generational shift

The Vitality Dane believes that the lower-tier players don't have the same respect and fear for the Counter-Strike elite as before.

Time has changed, if you ask the veteran rifler and four-time Major winner Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen.

According to the Vitality star, there’s a “huge generational shift” happening right now in Counter-Strike, where he explains how the lower-tier players don’t have the same respect and fear towards the superstars and top-tier teams as before.

Something he believes is some of the main reasons why we’re seeing this many upsets and unexpected results from underdog teams, dupreeh explains in the latest Overtime show with BLAST.

Here dupreeh starts off by talking about GamerLegion’s impressive semifinal victory against Heroic yesterday.

- For a team as Heroic, when you are the favorite, and you know you have the expectations [to win] from the crowd, the community, and probably from yourself also, then you can get shocked playing these teams. Because they are not supposed to do all these crazy things.

- But suddenly, they are doing it, because they don’t have the respect, and I think that’s also what has changed throughout the years. When you look back at the previous Majors, you will see 1-2 teams maybe go through – now you have four surprises going through this playoff.

"A huge generational shift"

dupreeh then describes how he sees this as a big change compared to previous generations.

- It’s a huge generational shift, I honestly believe. Back in the days at the Majors, you will have really “easy games”, where if someone made an upset and went on the stage, they were shaking. Nowadays, these new players know that they can go up against these big players, and they don’t care whatever their name is. They’re just going to play.

The many upsets

The big talking point at the BLAST Paris Major has undoubtedly been the many upsets that we have witnessed in the French capital.

Bad News Eagles defeating the superstars from G2, Monte taking down s1mple and NAVI, and the fact that the quartet of Into the Breach, Apeks, Monte, and GamerLegion all managed to secure a spot at the prestigious playoffs, are prime examples of how crazy and unpredictable this Major has been.

Whether or not we will see another upset in the Grand Final matchup between Vitality and the underdogs from GamerLegion is tough to call. It’s something you will have to find out yourself when the title decider kicks off at 17:00 (CET) this Sunday.

Notable upset results from Paris Major:

GamerLegion vs Heroic (2-1)

Apeks vs Liquid (2-0)

Into the Breach vs Fnatic (2-1)

Monte vs NAVI (2-0)

Into the Breach vs ENCE (16-7)

Into the Breach vs FaZe (16-12)

Bad News Eagles vs G2 (16-13)

Monte vs FURIA (16-7)

FORZE vs Liquid (16-14)

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