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The four time remaining champion is set to be knocked out

The young guns from MOUZ NXT are just one game away from being knocked out of this year's WePlay Academy League Season 5.

MOUZ NXT is currently in 5th place where the team is 5W and 6L, which is not enough as it's only the top four in both groups A and B that will make it to the playoffs.

The four-time defending champions need to win their last match against NAVI Junior to have a chance of making the playoffs. The match against MOUZ NXT and NAVI Junior is being played on 5th August 2022 at 16:00 pm.

Top players of this year's WePlay Academy League Season 5:

  1. NAVI Junior - nipl - Rating 2.0: 1.33

  2. NAVI Junior - headtr1ck - Rating 2.0: 1.32

  3. BIG Academy - hyped - Rating 2.0: 1.31

  4. BIG Academy - Aqua - Rating 2.0: 1.30

  5. BIG Academy - Prosus - Rating 2.0: 1.30

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