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Video: Five seconds ace on LAN by Mann3n!

The 20-year-old Swede couldn't get the title at WePlay Academy League, however, he certainly got "Highlight of the Game".

Yesterday, the first-ever WePlay Academy League was concluded after a thrilling Grand Final between Young Ninjas and mouz NXT. The two promising teams are the academy teams/talent programs under NiP and mousesports and are both two rosters that possess a lot of talent in their lineup.

It was mouz NXT who ran away with the win at WePlay Academy League Season 1, as they secured a 3-1 win in the deciding match. Despite the win by mouz NXT, it was the Swedes who presented the highlight of the game.

At one round during the third map on Nuke, Young Ninjas' Tim "Mann3n" Isak pushed the T's near ramp only equipped with a deagle. Without any hesitation, the young rifler stripped down the entire mouz NXT roster in a beautiful ace, which only took five seconds to get.

Watch the epic ACE by mann3n right here.

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