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The story of KRIMZ: The underrated anchor of fnatic

This is how KRIMZ has quietly become one of fnatic’s most valuable players over the years.

Once merely known as the support for "olofmeister", over the last several years "KRIMZ" has been the quiet bedrock of fnatic. 

During the fnatic era of 2015, it was "olofmeister" who claimed the primary spotlight, hailed as the best player in the world. But almost as legendary was the synergy between him and "KRIMZ", his long-time duo partner from before the pair even joined fnatic. 

But since the departure of "olofmeister" at that time, "KRIMZ" has established his own identity. He’s every bit the reliable anchor he was in the golden age of the team, but he’s also stepped out of "olofmeister"’s shadow to prove that he doesn’t need another star to play off of and that he’s more than capable of putting fnatic on his own back. 

This is the story of "KRIMZ". 

fnatic are sporting a new-look international roster with the recent addition of the British duo in "ALEX" and "mezii". More than ever the fnatic side will have to look towards "KRIMZ" as the anchor of the team, carrying the weight of five players on his shoulders at times.

fnatic will be sporting the interesting international roster when they face other tier-one teams in their group of ESL Pro League Season 14. The first match for the fnatic roster is set to be against a difficult opponent in Natus Vincere and will take place on August 27.

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