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Routine win for Astralis in PGL Major Antwerp opener

IHC couldn’t get past the Danes' iron defense on Nuke resulting in a quick win for Astralis.

Astralis is off to a great start at the 17th Major championship in Antwerp, Belgium. In their opening-round matchup, the Danish heavy hitter took on the Asian underdogs from IHC which ended up in the favor of Astralis.

IHC began the match in fine form as they managed to go up 1-0 after winning the first pistol round on Nuke. Despite the great start, they only succeeded to take two rounds away from Astralis in the first half. Towards the end, the Astralis victory looked inevitable, and with not a single Astralis player falling through the Danes easily grabbed themselves a 16-2 win.

Astralis - IHC 1-0 | PGL Major Antwerp Challengers Stage

16-2 (Nuke) | Xyp9x – 1.76 Rating / 19-7 K-D / 114.2 ADR

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