Pley of the Day: New Astralis player aces in his first pro round!

Watch Christian “Buzz” Andersen destroy the entire Vitality roster with his P250.

Astralis’ new 19-year-old rifler, Christian “Buzz” Andersen, made a splash in his professional debut for the Danes as he secured an Ace on the biggest stage of CS:GO. Actually, to be more specific, in his first pro round ever. The match was against Team Vitality in their opening match at the BLAST Premier Spring Groups in Copenhagen, Denmark, and it took palce in the first pistol round of Map 1, Overpass.

Buzz took down the entire Vitality roster with a P250 in his hand, giving Astralis a wonderful start to the match. The impressive play was met with cheers from his teammates, who couldn’t have been more thrilled for the young player.

Watch his amazing play right here:

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