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OG survive another day at European RMR

The profiled European squad go up 2-2 as they eliminate Unique with a confident 2-0 win.

In one of today’s early matchup at the European Major Qualifier, we saw OG take on the underdogs from Unique. The two sides both faced elimination going into the Bo3 series with the losing team having to head home empty-handed.

The vital battle began on Overpass – a map where OG has managed to post an impressive 80% win rate in the last 3 months’ time. It was therefore maybe a bit surprising Unique decided to pick it for the opener. Because it was also OG, who came out the best with the Nemanja “nexa” Isakovic-led squad picking up a quick 10-5 halftime lead.

After the switch, Unique was more competitive, presenting a solid T-side where they got several fine executes. However, it wasn’t enough against a well-playing nexa who led his OG team to a 16-10 opening win.

OG closed down the series on their own map pick of Ancient, despite an awful start to the map where they went down 10-5 on the T side. But as we saw on the first map, it was OG’s defence that had to save them as they carried out a stellar 11-1 run to clinch the 2-0 victory.

OG – Unique 2-0 | | PGL Major Antwerp 2022 Europe RMR A

16-10 (Overpass) | nexa - 1.56 Rating / 28-12 K-D / 90.1 ADR

16-11 (Ancient) | mantuu – 1.36 Rating / 25-13 K-D / 77.1 ADR

MVP: Nemanja “nexa” Isakovic | 1.42 Rating / 49-30 K-D / 93.8 ADR

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