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OG secure Group B final spot over MIBR

"nexa" continues showing great form as OG win two in a row!

After the two amazing opening games of Group B, the winners' match of MIBR vs. OG was up next, and it could almost only be a fantastic game judging by what the teams showed in their opening matches. The map that was agreed upon was Ancient, the same map that OG had just played versus Astralis, and it was up to the Brazilians to show that they could do a better job than Danes did. OG started out on the CT-side, just like the previous game.

MIBR started out great as they convincingly took the pistol round, but their success was short-lived as OG were able to win the following force-buy round. Led by the flourishing duo of "valde" and "flameZ" who both had huge multi-kills, OG dominated the start of the game. MIBR kept fighting back with some great entries that also led to bomb plants, but "nexa" and "niko" had now started hard-fragging as well which made it so much harder for the Brazilians to hold the bombsites they had taken. "nexa" and co. went to the break with a commanding lead of 13-2.
The second half pistol much-needed went the way of MIBR, who were now four for four in pistol rounds on the day. Still behind by ten rounds, MIBR had a long way back into the game but managed to catch on fire with five straight rounds to start the half, before being stopped by the Deagles of OG. The Brazilians kept looking incredibly solid on their CT-side, but they were just too far behind, which meant that "nexa" and his soldiers were able to pull it across the line at 16-9.

Highlight of the BO1-series

MIBR – OG (0-1) | BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2022

9-16 (Ancient) |

nexa – 1.51 Rating / 22-13 K-D / 90.1 ADR

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