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First competitive match played on Anubis

It happened sooner than expected.

Counter-Strike’s last update brought back Anubis as an official Active Duty map replacing Dust2. Anubis was first introduced in CS:GO back in March 2020 in scrimmage mode before the developers from Valve made it an official competitive map just ten days after its first appearance.

Located in the desert land of Egypt, Anubis almost makes players feel like they’re in a museum with all the Pharaoh statues, hieroglyphs, and history signs on walls.

Many CS:GO fans would have expected that it would take a while for teams to actually play the map in an official, but just around 11 days after the release of the update, we have now seen the first official match getting played on Anubis.

At the ESEA Autumn 2022 Cash Cup 4 NA, ATK picked Anubis as their map pick against MIBR in the semi-finals of the event. After an exciting fight, we saw ATK come out on top with a 16-12 victory over the Brazilians.

Here’s what we learned from the first pro game on Anubis:

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