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OG qualify for Fall Finals ahead of Astralis

The Danes were slain by "nexa" and his troops

We have reached knockout stage 3 of the ongoing BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2022 event and things are beginning to get heated. Fighting for a chance to qualify for the upcoming BLAST Premier Fall Finals event were OG and Astralis. On paper, Astralis were the favorites going into the Bo3-series, however, with players such as "flameZ" and "degster" you can never count out OG. It was also OG to come out on top in today's brawl as they managed to beat Astralis in just two maps. The victory sees OG qualify for BLAST Premier Fall Finals, whereas Astralis will have a second chance of qualifying tomorrow.

The first map of the brawl between Astralis and OG took place on Ancient. Perhaps surprisingly, Ancient wasn't picked by the Danes but instead OG. Astralis is known to be a great Ancient team, especially when "k0nfig" is in form, however, with a current win-rate of 100% in the past three months (7 maps), OG have proven that Ancient is their stomping ground. Very little separated the two teams in the first half of Ancient, as the scoreline read 8-7 at halftime. Once the two rosters had switched sides it became clear that OG had the upper hand. With "flameZ" leading the scoreboard, OG managed to close out Ancient at the comfortable scoreline of 16-12.

The second map of the Bo3-series was, of course, picked by Astralis and saw the battle continue on Mirage. Astralis have had both great and poor performances on Mirage as of late and facing "degster" on such an open map seemed a daunting prospect for the Danes. Once again it was a close affair between the two rosters. OG's defense looked solid in the first half of Mirage, however, a strong individual performance from the Danish IGL "gla1ve" meant that Astralis remained in contention. Just as on Ancient, OG came alive in the second half of Mirage and with every player on the OG roster putting up a great and cohesive performance, it was "nexa" and his troops to close out Mirage at the scoreline of 16-12, defeat Astralis in just two maps, and secure qualification for the upcoming Fall Finals event.

OG - Astralis 2-0 | BLAST Premier Fall Groups

16-12 (Ancient) | flameZ – 1.39 Rating / 25-18 K-D / 84.0 ADR

16-12 (Mirage) | flameZ – 1.33 Rating / 23-22 K-D / 102.9 ADR

MVP: Shahar "flameZ" Shushan 1.35 Rating /48-40 K-D / 93.5 ADR

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