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OG brush aside Astralis

The new IGL of OG took Astralis to school!

After the massive upset by MIBR, we had the second match of the day featuring two more-evenly matched teams: The Danes of Astralis squaring up against the new-look OG, who recently swapped their old IGL of "Aleksib" for "nexa". It was a bit expected that the brawl would take place on Inferno, as it is often the decider map, while also being one that both teams have a history of picking, but after the bans, it ended up being the battleground of Ancient that was chosen. OG started as the CT's while Astralis had to be the aggressors.

OG got off to the best start as new IGL "nexa" led by example in a magnificent 1v3 pistol retake. Astralis didn't allow OG to turn that into a snowball as they put their name on the scoreboard after three rounds of play as well. The Danes were able to do what the OG side wasn't and put a bit of space between the two at 6-3. The balance in the game turned around when "mantuu" was able to get his hands on an AWP, which Astralis had a hard time dealing with. OG took the last six rounds of the map and thus went to halftime with a 9-6 lead.
OG kept pressuring their lead as they secured their second pistol round win on the map and converted that into an 11-6 lead. The Danes had a hard time stopping their opposition even though "blameF" had multiple triple-kill rounds around the B-site. Astralis was able to take a couple of rounds, but they suffered massive casualties every time they when they were finally able to get on the board. OG kept up their speed and fueled by a heavy-hitting "nexa" they took the map win at 16-8.
Astralis now have to play for survival versus Na'Vi while OG move on to the winners' match against MIBR.

Highlight of the BO1-series

Astralis – OG (0-1) | BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2022

8-16 (Ancient) |

nexa – 1.88 Rating / 27-9 K-D / 108.6 ADR

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