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NIP easily secure playoffs spot

FURIA was chanceless today!

A playoff spot was on the line when the Ninjas In Pyjamas took on FURIA. It looked ly a close matchup on paper, but the Brazilians had a hard time containing the Scandinavians.

The action began on Nuke, the pick of FURIA, but the Brazilians would quickly come to regret that. Led by "Plopski", the Ninjas shut down everything the FURIA squad threw at them, and without any hiccups secured the first map at 16-2.

NIP were still going strong as they arrived on their map pick of Inferno. They got off to a great early start on the T side, with a 5-1 lead, but "KSCERATO" and a reinvigorated FURIA finally fought back and took the halftime lead at 8-7.
The Ninjas took over the game as they arrived on the CT side. With "Brollan" doing great work in Banana, FRUIA struggled to find openings. The Brazilians only took two rounds before being pushed out of the server by the Ninjas.

With the win, NIP secure a place in the playoffs while FURIA will have an all-or-nothing match tomorrow.

NIP - FURIA 2-0 | PGL Major Antwerp Legends Stage

16-2 (Nuke) | Plopski - 1.84 Rating / 22-8 K-D / 120.1 ADR

16-10 (Inferno) | Brollan - 1.61 Rating / 24-15 K-D / 102.2 ADR

MVP: Ludvig "Brollan" Brolin - 1.46 Rating / 36-27 K-D / 100.2 ADR

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