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KSCERATO on tough loss against Heroic: Even though we lost, that game gave me a lesson about myself

FURIA was sent out of the IEM Rio Major bye Heroic during the Semi-Finals.

The Brazilian super team FURIA hasn't played well during 2022. The lack of experience in the big games is still a problem for the Brazilian kings. 2022 has been a year with no prominent placement for FURIA, but despite the lack of confidence in the big games, the Brazilian team still managed to secure themselves three top four placements during 2022, ESL Pro Leauge season 15, IEM Dallas 2022, and IEM Rio Major.

FURIA was sent home with a 3rd-4th place at the IEM Major Rio on home ground, hearts broken and a feeling of failure for the FURIA players. However, KSCERATO´s insane performance left him as the runner-up for the MVP medal. The Semi-Final loss against Heroic was a big blow for the Brazilians, but for KCSERATO, the experience has made him stronger.

- Even though we lost, that game gave me a lesson about myself. My family cheering for me was my best memory from 2022. I can't explain it, just feeling - KSCERATO says to HLTV.

After a great year with high-level performances, has KSCERATO secured himself a number nine spot on the HLTV top 20 players list. The consistent rifler has been the highest-rated player during Lan events over the past six months.

KSCERATO´s stat line during the last six months of 2022, 1.30 Rating / 76.3% Kast / 1.31 Impact / 86.0 ADR / 0.79 KPR.

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