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k0nfig needs surgery: Doctors say I won’t be able to sit upright for longer periods for the next 10-14 days

The strong rifler further explains his absence from the upcoming IEM Road to Rio RMR.

Yesterday Astralis revealed that Kristian “k0nfing” Wieneke is set to miss the upcoming Major qualifier on Malta due to a “complicated ankle fracture”. Tough news for the Danish side who already have struggled massively after the summer break.

Following Monday’s news, some people in the community questioned why k0nfig couldn’t compete “just because” of an ankle injury. But that is something, the Astralis rifler quickly explained on his Twitter saying he needs to undergo an ankle operation.

- Great. Surgery needed and the doctors tell me I won't be able to sit upright for long periods of time the next 10-14 days. GL [Good luck] MistR, k0nfig wrote on Twitter.

The Regional Major Ranking tournament for the RIO is set to begin in 14 days with the European edition being divided into two groups. Astralis is placed in Group A alongside strong teams like Cloud9, NIP, Fnatic, and the world leaders from FaZe.

If Astralis has hope of qualifying for the Major, they need to place within the Top 8 out of the 16 attending teams. Something, which can be extremely tough now when they are forced to play with their academy player Mikkel "MistR" Thomsen instead of k0nfig.

Astralis’ first match is against NIP and will be played on October 4th.

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