It’s playoff time at Elisa Masters Espoo

The full list of teams that will compete in the playoffs has been determined!

Following the results of Group B’s matches at Elisa Masters, the group stage has now drawn to a close and the full list of teams that will compete in the playoffs has been determined. fnatic, 500, and Astralis will join Sprout, ENCE, and BIG, who had previously secured their spot in the playoffs after topping Group A.

fnatic finished on top of Group A and will therefore start the playoffs from the semi-finals, while 500 and Astralis finished second and third respectively, securing themselves a spot in the quarter-finals.

The playoffs of the ongoing tournament will run from November 18-20 with a Single Elimination format, unlike the group stage, which saw teams fight in best-of-one matches.

This is how Group B went:

Group B

1.      fnatic – 12 points

2.      500 – 12 points

3.      Astralis – 9 points

4.      Complexity – 6 points

5.      Bad News Eagles – 3 points

6.      SAW – 3 points

The playoff bracket looks as follows:

Quarter-finals (Today):

15:30 (CET) | BIG vs. 500
19:00 (CET) | ENCE vs. Astralis

Semi-final (Saturday):

15:30 (CET) | Sprout vs. TBD
19:00 (CET) | fnatic vs. TBD

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