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How to hold B site on Inferno like "Lucky"

The main AWP'er of Astralis gives his tips and tricks on holding B on Inferno with an AWP

The AWP is by many considered to be the absolute strongest weapon in the game. If used correctly it can pick apart an entire team one kill at a time. Whilst the AWP is definitely a powerful weapon to wield, there are also some situations where it might not be the best weaponry. Specifically, when facing a fast-paced rush from your opponents it can be very difficult to either kill multiple enemies or get back to safety.

The main AWP'er from Astralis in Philip "Lucky" Ewald, however, has some tips and tricks for any AWP'er defending the B bombsite of Inferno. The 18-year-old Dane explains how it isn't always correct to hide at the closest possible spot, but to instead position yourself in a better spot, that will make it easier for you to get multiple kills, even once they have entered the site.

To check what spots the Astralis AWP'er recommends you can watch the short tutorial, posted on Astralis own Youtube channel and find out how to hold B site on Inferno just like "Lucky".

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