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HObbit: Maybe in the future, we can come close to peak Astralis

The Cloud9 veteran dreams big when talking to ESL after going 2-0 in Group D.

Cloud9, formerly Gambit, has been one of the most successful teams in CS:GO throughout the last couple of years. The young CIS guns have managed to maintain their powerful roster for more than two years straight, which is quite the peculiar sight in CS:GO.   

The experienced rifler Abay “HObbit” Khasenov also has high hopes for Cloud9, with the 28-year-old Kazakhstan comparing the team with Astralis in the peak days, in an interview with ESL yesterday.

We have got a lot of experience from LAN tournaments, but still, the feeling of LANs is different. Last two months we haven’t had any official games, and we need to taste it at least. Right now, we’re trying to do that and I think everything is going well. Step by step, we are going to get our best form.

We have a great and really structured system, but sometimes we need to take some individual risks by us players. I would say that we need some chaotic things, which we not usually do. We’re trying to work on it, and as I said we have a strong structure – maybe in the future, we will come close to Astralis when they were at their best form, HObbit said after their victory yesterday.

The entire interview with HObbit can be found in the video below.

Whether HObbit and Cloud9 will be close to Astralis' peak days is tough to determine right now. However, if we stay in the present, there's no question who's the better team, as Cloud9 has been a continuous top competitor in CS:GO while Astralis on the other hand has been a shadow of themselves - and if you compare the two teams and their amount of trophies since the start of 2021, the difference is extremely telling:

Astralis: 0

Cloud9/Gambit: 9

HObbit and company will be in action again today at ESL Pro League Season 16, taking on Movistar Riders at 12:30 (CET). You can follow the match right here on

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