Credit: StarLadder Igor Bezborodov

Highlight: A Clutch Minister classic

No one does clutches like Andreas "Xyp9x" Højsleth

To perform at the highest level of professional Counter-Strike you have to have veins of ice when it comes down to the important moments of any big game. Whilst most, if not any professional player seems to have mastered the ability to remain calm in pressured situations, there are just a handful that can seemingly freeze time once pressured.

These kinds of players are most often the ones that you would want alive and kicking from your team when a clutch is demanded. By many argued as the best clutcher in the history of CS:GO is the Danish icon that is "Xyp9x".

Yesterday the 26-year-old veteran proved once again why he is known as the Clutch minister. Battling against Bluejays on Astralis' road to qualifying for the Major, "Xyp9x" was left alone with nothing but himself and a Tec-9 against four opponents. Managing the impossible, the Danish rifler turned the round on its head singlehandedly and made sure that Astralis was that step closer to a spot in the Major - take a look:

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