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gla1ve's tips & tricks: How to stop a B-rush on Dust 2

The Danish mastermind gives insight into some of the ways you can stop a B-rush in its tracks

Many maps present the players and teams with unique opportunities and possibilities, however, some are just more difficult to handle than others. The map of Dust 2 has been discussed plenty of times due to its design. Whilst being, arguably, the most iconic map in CS:GO it has some distinct features that many have argued as flaws. One of these is the inability to retake the B-bombsite after having lost it as CT's. Whilst it isn't impossible it is very difficult and many teams instead opt for the option of saving their guns.

The Danish mastermind of "gla1ve" is more than aware of the difficulties of retaking the B-bombsite. In a Youtube video posted on Astralis' own channel, he gives insight into some of the ways in which he would retake the bombsite or even stop a B-rush before it gets out of hand. Take a look as the legendary "gla1ve" gives a masterclass in how to stop a B-rush:

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