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FURIA wins IEM New York NA in confident style

100 thieves didn’t manage to make the perfect farewell as they say goodbye to their CS:GO team.

A match up which on paper looks really close, with two teams both in good shape.

100 Thieves picked Nuke as the first map, which should prove out to be a very good decision. The Australian thieves had a lightning start to the game, producing a nearly perfect CT-sided first half that resulted in a 13-2 score at half time. They closed the map in confident style through a masterclass performance from Gratisfaction who put up a 1.98 rating and a 34-12 K/D.

The Second map on Inferno was much closer and the Brazilians began to show their true colors and managed to take avoid the 0-2 start by winning 16-14. On Vertigo, FURIA dismantled the 100 Thieves’ side and took no prisoners by beating them by 16-4.

Mirage was no different. FURIA with arT at the wheel ran over the thieves, putting the last nail in the coffin for the Australian roster. A strong CT-side conducted by their mastermind in-game leader helped the Brazilians to an 11-4 half time score. After the side-swap, 100 Thieves looked like a team ready to make the comeback. Their star player Justin “jks” Savage stepped up with crucial kills and helped them close the gap to FURIA to only 3 rounds. Although the good effort, did FURIA prove out to be too strong, and they closed the game 16-11, which means they now are qualified for IEM Global Challenge later this year.

This concludes the storytelling of 100 Thieves with this being their last tournament as an organization. A telling of a team that has brought many high points, but then again with a feeling of an unfulfilled potential.

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