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FURIA stand tall in Brazilian derby

Imperial struggled early, but were able to make it exciting!

It was an all-Brazilian brawl when FURIA and Imperial faced each other in the opening round, and the teams decided to take this Bo1 to the PUG-favorite of Mirage.

"VINI" and "FalleN" were the only Imperial players with a convincing T-side effort, which meant that they had a really hard time winning rounds. On the other side, all of the FURIA players were doing a solid day's work. Noone was below double digits in the kill column at halftime which resulted in a dominating 12-3 lead.

FURIA had a much harder time gathering rounds as they arrived on the side of the terrorists. They did still manage to close it out as a result of the massive halftime lead, but a very solid CT side performance from Imperial gives us hope for them going forward.

FURIA - Imperial 1-0 | IEM Dallas 2022

16-9 (Mirage) | yuurih - 1.30 Rating / 19-13 K-D / 88.1 ADR

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